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JCI Baguio Earns Recognition at the JCI Ilocandia’s First Regional Council Meeting

The spirit of collaboration and innovation filled the air as JCI Ilocandia members from various chapters came together for their inaugural Regional Council Meeting on February 17th, 2024. Graciously hosted by JCI Vigan, the event, led by the dynamic 2024 Regional Vice President Rhescien Ballitoc-Vicente, served as a launchpad for shared ideas, strategic planning, and celebrating regional achievements.

Beyond the collaborative spirit, the meeting served as a platform for recognizing outstanding contributions. JCI Baguio basked in the spotlight, receiving two prestigious recognitions:

Best Secretary: This accolade lauded the dedication and meticulous work of Sec Oma Catapang, whose exceptional efforts ensured smooth chapter operations and meticulous record-keeping. His role played a pivotal part in JCI Baguio’s success.

Best LSDD: The Local Skills Development Director of JCI Baguio, Ray Benedict Gorgonio was recognized for his impactful and collaborative trainings. Their leadership and unwavering commitment in #drivinggrowth left a lasting mark on the region.

JCI Baguio’s well-deserved recognitions, achieved under Pres Kenneth De Guzman ‘s leadership, serve as an inspiration to other chapters, urging them to strive for excellence and make meaningful contributions to their communities. The spirit of collaboration and shared purpose fostered at the meeting.

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